"little boy sam will do just fine," said the builder.

"little boy sam will grow like any little boy until he becomes little no more. then the little boy can stand on his own."

"but forever he will be the little boy sam i know."

and then the little boy began to open his eyes and smiled.

and as what the builder planned, little boy sam grew up until he had his own mind.

little boy sam, who was little no more, then found a partner of his own. and then the little boy and his partner raised their baby girl sam.

but no one saw that little boy sam had other things in his mind.

and all these times the builder glanced, paused, and thought, “little boy sam will do just fine.”

this story is the mind of little boy sam.

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  1. Anonymous says

    mula sa dating blogger, ngayon isang kaibigan na reader ng blog mo.

    welcome back to blogspace bro! :)


    Anonymous says

    welcome dude! :) looking forward to more of your posts.

    ash says

    Jan and Maxwell - thanks for the greets! little boy sam will soon start to say whats in his mind. :)

    WAIT says

    oh first timer here' and i think you're great! : )