ode to fatherhood

the little boy, who is little no more, now has his own little one to grow.

once the little boy sam, he's now a full fledged daddy to a baby girl sam.

past a year ago, the baby was born. and daddy was there, inside the baby theater, holding a camera on hand. as soon two baby legs were lifted, loud cries echoed on the aseptic walls. to which sam let a gleaming smile. and yes, sam also let a silent cry.

the little child's coming out was a long try.

for two nights, sam's honey bun grimaced at the pain of the perky baby sam, while still within the honey's baby can. but the baby girl's top was an inch too wide for the natural glide. so the honey bun's doctor had to make more room through a stomach slice.

the little boy sam, who became husband to the honey bun, was at hand throughout the run. but he can only hold so much of the honey bun's ordeal. the pain was hers, and hers alone to feel.

the fleeting moment, then the exit to the birthing place. little boy sam was a new found man. a new head was carried home for the new dad to feed.

which brings new hardships for the couple.

but beneath endless nights of diaper changes, warming milk bottles and lullabies.
but above the constant fear of dirt, sickness or tumbling down the bed.

a stare,
a coo,
a smile,
and the word "da-da".

thats all enough to lift a weary daddy sam.

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  1. Eternal Wanderer... says
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    Eternal Wanderer... says


    Sweet :)

    Anonymous says

    cleverly written and sweet. :)

    Mink says

    while reading this post i remembered one classic song:

    ♫isnt she lovely, isnt she wonderful, isnt she precious, less than one minute old...

    isnt she lovely, made from love...♪

    Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart says

    Aaaaaw... That is SO sweet! Aawww... :,)