i was counting the local currency left inside my pocket. a two dollar bill. then one, two, two and half, no, three dollar coins. and the smaller coins total twenty, fourty, sixty, seventy, seventy-five, eighty. i had five dollars and eighty cents to be exact.

the burgerking stand was a tempting invitation. but the cheapest meal was six dollars and seventy cents. i was even willing to have my credit card swiped in exchange for the whopper, but they didnt accept plastics as payment.

grabbing a pre-flight lunch was de rigeur for the tail end of the plane i was assigned as the disparity between the regular and the no-meal seat was more than a months meal allowance. i needed to scrooge for this unexpected trip.

i took the next hawker stall, which looked more probable to fit my budget requirement. the chicken curry rice was four dollars and fifty cents. but the cheapest drink, a small bottled water costing two dollars! lest i was prepared to take the sip at the water station. and i didnt, so it was a toss between the fish ball noodle or the singaporean laksa. At three dollars and eighty cents, the meal plus drink was a perfect fit.

and so there i was at the second floor food court, relishing the four pieces of fish balls in a broth of mami noodles. and a cold small glass of tasteless water to down the munch. a stark contrast from the 15-dollar-a-mug beer downed from the past night's shindig. and resting on two liter bottles of choya and a bag of belgian dark chocolates bought a few minutes before. it is what you call, priorities after all.

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  1. cb :: 林偉文 says

    haha i can so relate. let's just say it's been a weekend full of fish balls and mami noodles. :c

    Anonymous says

    Ang priority mo e ang anakan mo ako.


    ash says

    @cb i thought it was the hot buns? :)

    @anonymous date tayo? :)

    Knox Galen says

    i like the way you write.

    Mr. Komplikado says

    Pero totyal pa rin. Hehehe =)

    ash says

    @knox galen - appreciate the compliment :)

    @mr. komplikado - hindi po ah :)

    Jay Vee says

    waaaaaaaaaaaahh! :(

    nagutom ako.. kailangan ko ng whopper!! WHOPPER!!

    Allan says

    brings back taggutom memories. was in the airport (Singapore ata or sa China). shyness and the desire to save pushed me to resolve to eating the same thing: noodles. i liked the noodles, no problem about that. but i was not full as i would have wanted to be.

    btw, priorities my face :D

    Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart says

    Ah basta makarating sa paroroonan by hook or by crook or by noodles or chocolates!
    Welcome back to the Philippines!

    hugh says

    I like reading your entries. Actually, i read everything in just 30mins. Can i have access on playground?

    ash says

    @JayVee meron bang whopper dyan? :p

    @allan :) oo kaya

    @brent haha, i had to buy something to eat at the airport soon after landing.

    @hugh thanks and welcome! the "playground" is just a mirror site of "under construction." i just use it to test new scripts and layouts before i implement it in the public site. no you aint missing on anything bro :)