image of you

i open my eyes this morning,
and there you were still sleeping.
one hand outstretched and another cuddling a pillow.

i take the free hand and let it touch my face.
a warm, tender comfort i will long covet.

before my eyes came to a close last night,
you told me not to worry.
your hand extended towards a cheek
wiping away a tear
before it ended up falling down the bed.

four nights from now,
i will have to confront by just an image of you.

only a static-pitched voice from a telephone
to comfort my sleep.

and to wake up emptyhanded.
no one to choose my clothes
nor a matching tie to wear.

i will have to walk alone. and drive alone.
i will miss driving you to work.

coming back home will be an effort.
to see an empty chair beside me
and much more empty space.

it will only be me and the radio.
it will only be me and an image of you.

5 comment/s:

  1. POPOY says

    its so SAD... but kaya yan! you will going to see each other soon...

    crispy basil says

    as they say, absence makes the heart go fonder.. in time mr. ash..

    ash says

    @popoy - yeah. kakayanin. thanks!

    @crispy basil - hahaha. point taken. intimacy peaks after a long drought! thanks for dropping by too bro.

    Cloud says

    awww. this ones so emo!

    this proves how much you love mrs. ash.

    God bless you two and ur baby!

    Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart says

    Deeply missing one's love is probably the most difficult experience.

    On a deeper note though, it's a good sign that you (will) miss your loved one.