fourteen days

there will be fourteen days.

almost a human and a half handful.
to contemplate.

each day the sun will rise
and make its way.

all earth's souls seek an engage.
each life tries a smile on their face.

while one heart
his stage will be grey.

more than a tenant lost

his melody in refrain.

no chords no hymn
only a muted cast of gladness
stowed on a bay.

they no need to worry
this guy will be ok.

4 comment/s:

  1. Jay Vee says

    oo naman.. you will be ok :)

    Eternal Wanderer... says

    Of course you will ;)

    wanderingcommuter says

    kelangan ko pang i third motion... i think, theres nothing that you can do.

    ash says

    @jay vee @eternal wanderer @wanderingcommuter i just need to tell that to myself. salamat sa pagalaala :)