happiness is

an endless stretch of sand on a sunny beach.
a walk with another hand on one's hand.

a chat to a honey bun, your head leaned on the others shoulder.
and with eyes closed, the scent of a too familiar skin penetrating your nose.

but how come when i open my eyes,
a glimpse of a recent past is alluding my mind?

a walk to the beach, yes.
a lonely walk.
nothing but cold air to caress
the subtle frown coming out of your face.
its the beach, yes.
but then you are wrapped abound
on heavy clothes
and a heavy heart.

another beach, yes.
this time you sweat a lot.
but then again
you are still all alone.
you decide not to walk
but take a stroll on a concrete path.
away from the life and laughter
that abounds on the sandy ground.

and the next picture,
a snaphot you will take a few weeks from now.
the camera lens will open
and zoom to the human form.
the shutter prepares to click
to a field of just another single man.

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  1. Cloud says

    "Happiness is two kinds of cream...

    Happiness is being alone every now and then , and happiness is coming home again..."