the hotel service

the elevator door slides open. a stale air surrounding the foyer greets the visitor.

cautiously, you approach the door showing a number given to you.

its a little past midnight. just the right time to be walking past these corridors.

a cautious search concludes. now in front of you, a door like any other inside this hotel floor.

your eyes gaze at both sides of the carpet-lined hallway. it is empty. the sound, only the hymn of silence.

a long breath ensues. as your lungs momentarily fill with air to deflate a rising tension, your field of view fades away to force the calmness.

as you exhale, the eyelids began to separate. you now see the same door. the same number.

the moment finally arrives. the time is almost half past midnight.

your right hand slowly reaches the doorbell.

as the index finger approaches the button, you begin to hesitate. a short pause.

what the hell.

you push the knob three times in succession.

now a long pause. the silence deafening. your toes starting to curl as the wait becomes endlessly uneasy.

you press the doorbell once again. this time, out of desperation.

and suddenly, a silhoutte grazes the light coming out between the base of the door and the floor.

the light emanating from the peephole suddenly turns dark.

your head slightly bowed. then an audible scream.

two bolt clicks, then the door swings open.

slowly you tilt your head up, engage a seductive grin and utter, "hotel service massage misis sam. plus all the way extra service."

at the same time, your left hand reaches out in front of you. a stem of red rose and a bottle of red wine greets the tenant.

happy birthday to you, little boy sam. the next step is now left to your imagination.


since two sundays ago, the misis left for a two week long business trip. which led to a rollercoaster of emotions for the little boy. and a trip to the beach along with friends was supposed to occur, but got decked at the last minute. the little boy suddenly had three days away from work to dispose. loneliness hits hard, so a ticket was booked two days before the three and a half hour flight happening tonight. an unplanned agenda which the misis isn't supposed to know.

and oh, it will be the eve of the little boys birthday when he and the misis meets - the little boys only wish written on his birthday list.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Kasi naman yung mga ibang supermodels e!!!

    Anonymous says

    @ anon - aughts! LOLs -K

    ingat Ash and advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Cloud says


    *kilig Kilig*

    ingat sa byahe

    happy birthday bro!

    ash says

    @Anonymous - kilala kita!

    @Anonymous - kilala rin kita!

    @Cloud - thanks. malapit na. hihihihihi....

    Julian says

    Happy Birthday Bro!

    POPOY says


    Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart says

    AAAAW... THAT is so sweeeet!
    Happy birthday!!!

    ash says

    @julian @popoy @brent - thanks for the birthday wish! :)