behind little boy sam

hello reader.

i am glad the world wide web has brought you to this space called my blog.

let me introduce to you to the man behind little boy sam, which goes by the name of ASH.

prior to this, you may have noticed me lurking as the “anonymous” in a few blogs. the chismoso prevails over me, and i admit enjoying everyone’s take on their own box of chocolates.

at first i did not like the idea of sharing my own and prevailed at existing only in the comment box. as i was reading more, i thought, what was within my journey that’s worth writing? it was simple. uneventful. bordering on the bland. i would be boring to the readers.

but then i thought, i can write my blog for myself. as my own pensieve. whatever social experiment would be an added benefit to me and to you.

thus, “under construction” was constructed. and it is still is a work in progress. the way each ones is.

about myself:

i grew up down south.
childhood was spent in the 80’s where atari was the console of choice and the XT was the latest innovation for a PC. the boob tube was then limited to 13 channels.

never thought of myself as an intellectual.
of all subjects, i flunked religion and filipino. i stay late in school even during exam week, but only to play sports. i ended up challenging myself and succeeded to be admitted at the state university. the block bordering taft avenue, padre faura and pedro gil was my laboratory, stepping out of college after Y2k.

i am tall, dark and chinito…
tall as i stand almost 6 feet. good genes come from both of my parents lineage.
dark as i love anything related to the sun and water. but you can keep me equally happy in dry land.
as for being chinito, this i cannot verify from my ancestry. but i do easily pass out as singaporean or korean.

i have a wife and a baby girl.
i never thought i would end up happily married. for one, i was also the typical torpe – silent and introverted. tag me along with a girl and I would be as cold as stone. but luck was at my side as i literally found her in the streets. she never hesitated making the first move, and the rest is a lover's story in itself. we tied the knot a few years back. the day i saw her walking the aisle, i whispered to myself, “this is the happiest i can be”. she continues to be the reason i grow. and we plan to raise three more little ones.

oh and the other thing,
i have my share of attraction for the same sex.
but more of this contradiction will come in this blog.

i love to travel.
i have been to all continents save for the two polar caps. i am lucky as travel is attached to my work. but i do not work for the airline industry. nor a courier company. i have a desk work which entails helping out people with their sickness… but i’m no doctor. i failed to realize this dream back at the university. you can find my pseudo-clinic amidst the tall buildings in ortigas.

i used to maintain a blog
for all things about me that everyone knew. now i plan to speak the things no one else sees. secrecy is my most guarded asset but i will try to let it out under the privacy of this alter-ego.

so come back if you must, this anonymous blog is yours to read…
drop a line, but do keep the ethics of decorum. your words are not only mine to see.

9 comment/s:

  1. Anonymous says

    sige na nga ang comment ko isang sekretong malupit! baka may makabasa eh! hehehehhe


    Allan says

    just want to bid you welcome (ulet?) sa blogging world! :)

    ash says

    @jan - it will be my secret as well if you tell me ;)

    @allan - thanks! i hope this time would be a much longer one :)

    :: cb :: says

    bloghopped from jamir's page. interesting premise. though it may be a month late, welcome back to the blogging world.

    ash says

    @::cb:: - thanks for passing by!

    :: cb :: says

    no problem. i had fun reading your entries. :D

    Mr. Scheez says

    Late na ito ...




    Nhil says

    "this is the happiest i can be"

    i would like to tell that to myself too someday.

    i can't wait to meet the girl i would marry someday, the girl i would love forever. and most especially, i can't wait to have my very own family. because i believe that's one of my purpose in life- to build a little heaven here on earth.

    ash says

    @Nhil - amen to that! and thanks for dropping by.. :)