1. what does it mean to be in between?

little boy sam was standing next in line with little sam’s mom.

“mom, i’m having cheeseburger and fries.” the boy was half-grinning at her mom with the thought of finally eating his favored chow at the fast food stand.

little sam’s mom nodded silently. but before the mom made a call on the server, little boy sam made a change of mind.

“oh wait, mom. i think i want to eat fried chicken and spaghetti instead.”

the mom turned to little boy sam, “so which one would you like to eat for lunch?”

looking at the print, little boy sam stared intently at two opposing images. “i think this one.”

but with a short glance at the other side of the menu, little boy sam moves his finger past another picture and said, “but the other one tastes really good too.”

“mommy… can i get both?” the little boy now declares with a desire of resolving his craving.

the mom took a firm and concerned look at little boy sam then said, “you can only pick one as your tummy will not have room for another.”

“but i'm hungry enough to eat both of them,” little boy sam tried to justify.

“by the time you finish one, you will no longer feel the need to try the other one.” the mommy said to little boy sam to end the discussion.


little boy sam and little sam’s dad drove their way for the little boy’s routine summer activity. it was little boy’s first day to take a course in martial arts. like most of his friends in school, little boy sam wanted to learn the sparring stance as he would see them done on television.

now arriving at the destination, the car slowed down until it went to a full stop. little boy sam stepped down the car and passed through a corridor to the main hall. the throb in little boy sam’s heart began to pace closer as he paced his way nearer to his new attraction.

yet with all the gush of blood now passing around the little boys body, little sam’s dad, who was all along walking with the little boy, was surprised to see the boy pause.

then the dad heard a distant yet audible chain of melody coming from a musical instrument. he saw little boy sam peeking through a room before the hall.

“dad, can i also learn to play the piano?”

“sam, you will not have enough time to do both karate and piano this summer.”

“i can! i can dad! i will run to the next room right after the first one ends.”

now little sam’s dad, seeing his son’s eagerness to both interests, knelt on both knees and looked straight in the little sam’s eye.

and said,

“yes i know you can my little one. but after the first one, your legs and hands will just be too tired to continue the next one. you will sweat a lot, maybe even too hungry to stay. then you’ll just find yourself miserable for not being able to learn and enjoy the class unlike the rest.”

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  1. :: cb :: says

    limits should never defy us but at the same time, we must all have the ability to choose.

    your metaphors are delicious. hehe

    ash says

    @::cb:: haha is it? maybe only to those who are hungry

    crispy basil says

    I like this post.. i somehow felt puzzled towards the end.. we can never have the joys of wboth orlds without guilts attached.. (sigh)