black eyed piece

"saan ka pupunta?"

mrs ash casually asked as she sees me preparing to leave home.

"ahmmm... will just be hanging out with my sports buddies. be back for dinner." told the wife in a hasty, non descript manner to avoid more inquest. i was surprised that the misis appeared to believe the explanation then nodded in acceptance.

first offense of the day: dishonesty.

i was at the peak of an addiction for this particular sport that rendered at least 2 nights a week of heavy playing plus the occassional weekend afternoon crunch. which then brought me to this "injury" requiring an indefinite leave of absence from the sport and all of its relatives.

my wife was just obeying the doctors prescription and became my personal punong bantay. she would, after all, only look after my full recovery at the shortest course. but the compulsion was too hard to resist.

the gear was sneaked the night before and was now hiding in the trunk. i would just have to hide the soiled clothes and slip them over to the laundry coming back from the game. it was a long but deserving 40-kilometer drive from our place. the hunger must be fed and the game must be played at all cost. and by all means.

which leads to the second offense: avarice.

the game jumped off well, two teams sweating it out to cover the opponent. the favor swings back and forth between the two teams, adrenaline coming out from each accomplice.

a particularly aggressive duel stretched long. i was in the middle of making a touchdown. then, a whappack! which got me into a dizzy spell. but notheless still rushed with the game.

i tried to compose myself to get back, but i somehow felt this stinging pain over the side of my left eye. a quick check over the area of contact. when i stretched my hand away, i saw the blotch of red liquid smeared on my fingers. it was a small cut over where the two eyelids meet.

the game was set to a halt as i had to assess the full extent of the damage. the area around the eyes were now swollen, a clot trying to show its skin color. first aid was the order of rescue.

"patay. how will i hide this from the misis now."

then brings the third offense: deception.

"be home in 45 mins. love you." was my text to the misis.

the adrenaline was now overshadowed by a mix clotting, swelling and pain factors. the whole stretch of time driving back home, i thought of creating the perfect diversion. the lies to mask the previous lies. funny how we try to come up with the wildest alibi instead of just speaking the plain truth.

i approach my wife to give the welcome home kiss. "huh. ano nangyari sa mata mo?" she now probed.


but before i got to speak the first word, she already knew what happened.

"naglaro ka ano?!?" the voice sounding much more striking and the face well contoured. i forgot my diversion. and the naked truth was the only thing i could utter. past the cold shudder, she took a look at the damage and then made her obligatory marital advise

"matanda ka na ash. alam mo na ang ginagawa mo."

with a feeling of guilt yet a fair sense of belongingness, she then let me kiss her cheeks.

which leads us to the first and most important lesson of the moment for mr. A-S-H: forgiveness.

i love you, my sweety bun :)

the cut and the black eye

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  1. Eternal Wanderer... says

    bad boy ka.

    lika nga.

    paluin kita.


    ash says

    @Eternal Wanderer

    Please be gentle


    Anonymous says

    take it easy bro. hehe.

    true to the saying, "masarap ang bawal". hahaha.

    cb :: 林偉文 says

    ouch looks painful.. sana baliktad ang mundo no? masarap ang tama.. kadiri ang bawal.. kaso.. hehe

    DN / DeathNote says
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    DN / DeathNote says

    hehehe. next time follow mrs. ash.

    crispy basil says

    You've something to be envied.. Mrs. Ash is the ideal wife..

    ash says

    @maxwell5587 @cb::
    we need a dose of pain to realize its not worth repeating

    @DN/Death Note @crispy basil
    i fully agree. :)

    Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart says

    I found myself laughing at this point:

    "but before i got to speak the first word, she already knew what happened."


    Yehey to Mrs!!! :D

    ash says

    @brent she really is... my sunshine :)