stop or go

traffic rules are meant to be suggestions.

i always end up saying this alibi to my foreign counterparts whenever they visit the philippines and after having their share of cruising and enduring the highways of manila. we locals never seem to consider these as the rule of law.

to us, we end up thinking..

  • that a yellow light does not mean to yield but to hurry up,
  • a full stop sign makes us step the brake pedal lightly yet the speedometer never ends up going down to zero kph,
  • and a pedestrian standing is considered a distraction and a waste of gasoline.

yet when this defiance is alleged to us, we rationalize...

  • an emergency that exempts us from law is in the vicinity,
  • we know the road or traffic condition better than any system,
  • or think of it as a waste of time to follow someone else's rules.

and when we get caught violating,

  • we even make excuses,
  • argue,
  • or even pay our way out.

we judge our own creative instinct being far superior than set rules. despite a guiding light providing a clear sign when to stop or go and when to turn or yield. and sign posts which advises us what to watch out for and what to expect.

a light that knows the path all too well. and rules which were made to safely bring us to our destination.yet we suppose we can outdo, outrun and outsmart a higher one.

do we choose to wait for a greenlight before we move forward? or never step on the brake when the redlight beams upon us?

rules or no rules, its our choice. and the outcomes our responsibility.

3 comment/s:

  1. Eternal Wanderer... says

    The full stop sign in the Philippines is just a suggestion.

    Kung feel mo huminto, oks lang, kung hindi, ok lang rin.


    word verif: morpyin <<< ayoko po. nakakapagod na mag-emo :P

    cb :: 林偉文 says

    haha you and my dad would get along. he has the same principles when it comes to traffic lights. i myself have quite a fascination with these things. i once sat for close to a full hour watching several men setting up a stoplight in the middle of an intersection. it was the most tranquil moment i've had in a while. something about how rules are being made and a system is being put into place... i just find it so peaceful.

    ash says

    daddy talk ba? :)