love ko 'to

"welcome to mcdonalds! can i take your order sir?"

the cashier-slash-server hastily declaimed in statutory cadence as soon as the tray was given to the customer in front of me.

i figured i needed a bolus of pre-game carbo fix to last me the whole night. this fast food joint was the most convenient choice.

"uhmm, isa pong quarter pounder with cheese. tapos large fries at orange juice." i cautiously ordered as i took a glance at the menu.

"sir add po kayo to upsize the fries and orange juice."


"and additional regular fries pala. for take out yan."

"ok sir. your total order is one hundred seventy six pesos." the cashier-slash-server took note as she entered the order in the cash machine.

i took out my wallet and handed a five hundred peso bill.

"sir do you have smaller change?"

"wala eh." i initially replied to avert the extra effort of coming up with her request. but i eventually took pity at her dilemma.

"ay teka..." while taking out my wallet to search for smaller change. found beneath the clutter of receipts was a hundred peso bill and four twenty peso bills.

while making my own search, the cashier-slash-server made the final press to consummate the transation. and the receipt was printed. and then she hastily carried out the order.

"miss, eto po. meron akong one hundred eighty pesos."

suddenly surprised by the gesture, she accepted the sum of money and returned the five hundred peso bill. then looked at her right.

"sir, sir!" she called the shift manager.

"sir, na punch ko kase ang five hundred pesos. yung total bill ay one hundred seventy six pesos."

scratching her head, she then asked her supervisor in total innocence,

"yung binigay po ay one hundred eighty pesos."

"magkano po ang change sir?"

i cringed not in pain nor her ignorance, but by how clueless her face was. i tried reasoning out to myself, "maybe she just had a particularly hard day."

but she forgot to add tissue and ketchup in my to go bag.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Yeah, she prolly had a hard day. Wawa naman.

    cb :: 林偉文 says

    good help is so hard to find these days... minsan kasi mahina bumbilya nila. hehe as long as that person does not perform brain surgery on me, it's all good. haha