goodbye my friend

he was rich. he had a mansion for a house with a pool for a playground.

he always had a dedicated sundo from school and would always eat lunch from home.

he was the only child. and he lived with his dad.

while i,

i was the middle class young man who lived in a family of five.

i join the school service and eat baon as lunch.

he became a seatmate from school. a transfer student, he seated behind me as his family name was sorted next to mine.

he casted the first smile. then stretched a hand.

we had the same love for water, the computer (with his father’s commodore 64 and my dad’s XT), GI Joes and ZOIDs (he had the whole battalion while i only had a handful of the man-dolls) and avengers comics (again, his was a stack-full).

past school activities, he would invite me to his place during weekends. and more often during the summer.

we would swim the whole afternoon in his pool in briefs or sometime with none. we would shower together, then watch endless cartoons over chippy or pringles.

until we fell asleep. i recall him laying his head onto my shoulder. which i would reciprocate in return.

we did compare our notes, and his was definitely larger. and uncut. he was of half caucasian descent and the influence was passed down under.

few times i slept over at their place. his room had two beds, but his yaya agreed to put us into only one. we talked everything our age including sex.

he became a constant companion. i was perfectly happy when i was with him. he would always look at me and smile.

but our world of happiness did not last forever. his dad was an expat and the time came for his dad along with him to leave.

no, i didn’t shed tears, nor sorrow. i wasn’t old enough to realize was I was missing.

the last time we partied over at his house, it was the usual run. when my dad fetched me over at their place, there was no hug nor a handshake. just a wave and a word of thanks.

oh i did make a kiss, but it was to his dad.

each year as i we would drive and pass by his house, i would ask myself, when will he come back? but he never did, and i never saw him again.

he would have been a tall and handsome man, as his dad was.

i wonder if he would have the same preference as mine?

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  1. MINK says

    awww, this is a nice but sad post...

    Jamir says

    maybe some things are better left unanswered..but to experience that kind of love at such young age, you're lucky. ^_^

    Allan says

    it's a blessing to have such a connection with someone. i do hope you'll get to meet each other again...

    :: cb :: says

    my best friend had that, too. he calls him 'canada boy.' he gets a really sad look in his eyes when we pass by his house.

    ash says

    @mink and ::cb:: - yeah. :)

    @jamir and allan - thanks! i've tried searching for his footprint over the WWW. but no luck so far.

    xtian1978ii says


    I had a friend which had the same experience. He'd really want to know but to no avail.

    I think that's his problem why he can't have a lasting relationship with someone because his heart belongs to his childhood friend.