leaving on a jet plane

it starts with a check in.
to find yourself a place
that makes you most comfortable.

you then approach the gate
that will shuttle you through.

a little wait,
then the plane approaches.

you look at it.
however big or small,
you pray it will hold the ride.

as you come to board,
you tuck yourself in
and buckle up,
as what everyone else does.

you feel the rush as the plane accelerates
then starts to climb up.

the journey begins.

you know your final destination.

the ride may take a smooth path,
sometimes a turbulent route.

to pass time
you take a nap,
read a print,
watch a show
or eat a snack.

you may hear a distant voice,
the captain affirming the route.

and then
just then,
amidst clouds and thin air,
a doubt may spark your mind.

you then think
will this plane safely make it to its final land,
and tell yourself, another cycle is complete.

or come crashing down,
free falling from above.
leaving you unable to make any more a ride.


note to file: if you find me posting this, then it means i safely made it through this trip.

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  1. Anonymous says

    weh! para kanino kaya ang post na ito? ;)

    ash says

    @anonymous - there is no metaphor for someone in this post. but maybe you can? :D

    Tristan Tan says

    @ash Glad to know to you've arrived safely.

    @Anonymous I think I know you. If you are who I think you are, then I'm also glad to know that you're still alive.

    Jamir says

    good thing you had a safe trip. hope you have a good time, wherever you are. ^_^

    Anonymous says


    ash says

    @tristan tan - thanks! i see an obvious fixation with You. :)

    @jamir - thanks! wherever is here.

    Mr. Scheez says

    Well I wish that you always have a safe and enjoyable trip.

    May it be in the air, land or life's highway. =)

    Cue in my usual end note. LOL! =)