more flight talk

i love the sensation of being on flight and being carried by sheer gust of wind.

my childhood dream was to become a pilot or a builder of planes. school notebooks would be f
illed with sketches of planes, rockets, and everything that flies.

at work, i strived to pursue a project lead role in order to t
ravel. i eventually got my wish, and got myself burned out of travelling. in a span of two years, i've collected enough flight miles to be able to shuttle to and from the american soil each day of the week.

then the opportunity o
f being able to course a flight of my own became available. it was a small, well, almost a plane. the seat was only for two. i had a stick on my own but a pilot was there to make sure everything's in control.

me and my kariton

there were no walls, only the seatbelt to strap you to the rails of the plane. it looked fragile and i was able to lift the thing on my own. its motor was smaller than what's used in an outrigger boat.

but i wanted to see how it feels to be on top. so off we took the line in the uncemented airstrip. it didn't need to accelerate much in order to gain the momentum to step into thin air.

the "high" was liberating. you can feel the power of the wind, and yet the plane was stable and cruising on its own. once you try to reach your hand out of the perimeter, you almost loose it to the wind. and when you look down, you see the glaring height that divides you and the terrain.

above the flock of birds

following the river trail


note to file: i miss being free

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  1. Anonymous says

    I want to try flying too... am still dreaming of Lasik and then kitesurfing.

    Jamir says

    what an exhilarating experience.

    your last statement caught my attention, you miss being free? from what?

    ash says

    @lukayo - live the dream bro!

    @jamir - that was my intention :D

    Mr. Scheez says

    Waaah, ingit ako. Gusto ko rin ma-experience yung sa two seater plane.

    When I was a kid I was fond of making kites and paper planes of all shapes and sizes. I'm fascinated by flying. It looks and feels liberating, noh?

    You miss being free? I understand that last statement. I can't help but ask this, but what is your definition of freedom? =)

    Again, I stopped. I questioned. And I enjoyed reading. Your blog is starting to become one of my fave blogs. I just hope that you won't go with the "flow". =)

    ash says

    @mr. scheez - the airstrip is in angeles (not the clark airport) and it's an ultralight plane.

    btw, i dont get what you mean by "flow" :)

    Mr. Scheez says

    Flow = some bloggers treat/use blogging as a form of dating sites. A somewhat extension of G4M/PlanetRomeo/Downelink.


    ash says

    @Mr. Scheez - me aint looking for one ;) thanks for the advise

    Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart says

    Free... free of all the responsibilities and obligations and commitments... hmm... or just being free.

    Sarap lumipad lalo ikaw ang nagpapalipad. :)

    Mike says

    hi ash! Do you have contact person sa angeles flying? I'm interested to try this one :)

    If you have, pasend naman sa email ko: hehe. Thanks!