the scheming shiznit

the stage is set for tomorrow's stag.

in two weeks, a close one strikes the game-over button of single blessedness and enters the simplicated, un-sassy role of being the other half of another one.

and the task of organizing this rite of passage landed in my hands.
(im no best man nor the sibling, but they assume the hat fits me fine.)

what where they thinking? :)

unless they would want this facet of homosociality become my personal visual playground for the night?


i triaged a checklist to cover the agenda:

1. attendance

the scheme is to get his group of twinks to congregate in perfect attendance. the list is a mix of good potential.

now, to maximize the potential...

2. alcohol

a few shots of alcohol sparks the testosterone.
a few more undresses the inhibition.
and a lot more will keep the rest of the night in temporary amnesia.

which will all be to my advantage.

mind you, a few times i joined this group into a binging spree, it gets wild with capitals W.O.W.

3. activity

if the fuel is fully-tanked, i need to spark the fire, so bring in the tramps!

man, i couldn't get any referrals for less than 5k! (the flesh business looks more lucrative than my desk job. and tax free at that!)

but the choice, a jackpot in itself. as i wouldnt mind banging this christine reyes look a like.

so this.

this is todays grand scheme of things.

3 comment/s:

  1. Mr. Scheez says

    The funniest post so far. Galeng ng hidden agenda. LOL!

    Sorry Ash, the "agenda" is just way to funny. =P

    P.S. Tinatamad pa ako magwork, kaya nagback track ako sa blog mo. Programmer/Analyst ka ba or in the Call Center (Manager/Team Lead) field?

    ash says

    @Mr. Scheez - haha glab you liked it. why'd you say im from IT or BPO, which btw, im not :)

    Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart says

    For future reference, I probably can refer you to someone who can help find fine uhmm entertainers for such special occasions. ;)