delta hedging

33 slides.
90 minutes.
the boss.
the bosses boss.
the bosses dotted-line boss.
the boss of the bosses boss.

the fact that i was sweating over a temperature-controlled boardroom set at 18 degrees centigrade.

gastrocolic reflex.
it must have been the yoghourt on an empty stomach for breakfast.

but it was two minutes before nine in the morning.
every who was seated.
an attention unlikely to accede after half past ten.

then only, this crap of the matter can break free.


the post-mortem, a farnesque-ly exit.
a point for the tally, and on to the next.
at eighteen months, if i am still under the hatchet.

to stiffle the h scale.
likely, the hotel bed for one, will be one.

still, i wish it was home.

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  1. dabo (or david) says

    ang lalim wahhhhh!

    Anonymous says

    Finally, this is made public.