sams of the past that are no more

this suddenly came out from the playlist...

which brought back the first day of february.  of the year two thousand and nine.
fortynine months from today, sam was conceived from the mention of "be good."

it then took almost two months more before sam began to be read by other sam's.

it was a gamble for ash. letting pry a slit away from incognition. telling of sam and how he became one.
it became an outlet. and a window to read other sams.

other sams who have since become just a memory of things that have been written. of written past that ceased to be an intimation of what was.

what has become of these sams? not this digital land will remind. not that this sam will find.

5 comment/s:

  1. v says

    I don't know if I understood, but it is heartbreaking to hear a song and you remember something or people you thought you have forgotten.

    Maybe it's just me, but it has been my experience that we meet the most interesting people "here" though our links with them can be so tenuous, so delicate. Yet I think opening up to strangers is one of the most rewarding things we can risk doing.

    rudeboy says

    Well, hello stranger.

    ash says

    @v - it wasnt the lyrics, but the melody which brought me back to nostalgia. but i agree on the social circle one remits out of a penstroke.

    ash says

    @rudeboy - well hello, handsome ;)

    rudeboy says

    Flattery will get you everywhere.

    But please do write again.