Claws clenched.
Eyes perturbed.

What is beyond,
just as behind.

Fodder the furor.
Radar the fervor.

What cannot cross,
Is ones own loss.

4 comment/s:

  1. Anonymous says

    Such a strong hold... what is beyond is hard to grip, at times, I get lost in my imagination and ended up unsettling... just play your cards right and you'll be a star

    ash says

    Anonymous - Some causes are really worth holding onto. This despite the ambiguity and without guarantee of results.

    citybuoy says

    I tweeted this to you but i believe it bears repeating. I love and hate when you're here. Love because you as always write beautifully. Hate because I'm afraid of what demons have forced you to come back. Hope everything's okay.

    wanderingcommuter says

    remembering these words.

    hope everything is okay, paps.