if eyes can tell me
unyeilding a lovestory
what would i see?
how far does it truly
without becoming
just a necessity

can hands deceive me
when all it did entirely
bestow this peace
take hold and ease

a force compelling
warrant an urgency
will it set free
and pass on eventually
what would it be?

4 comment/s:

  1. anteros' dominion says

    tagal mo po nawala ah...ingats po

    gillboard says

    hope this means you're back and you changed your mind!

    the blogworld missed you Ash!!!

    red the mod says

    let time adjudicate
    the meandering heart
    across the scene
    and apart

    for one can only
    assess the depth
    only when the touch
    has left

    so embrace tranquil
    thoughts throughout
    and nay not dwell
    on verdant doubt

    ʎonqʎʇıɔ says

    true. you've soo been missed. :D