in 35mm

the builder took a long and quiet pause while traversing his sight down into the horizon. said the engineer upon notice of the former’s introspection, “he has learned his lesson, has he?” too preoccupied, all that the builder could remark was a slightly perceptible nod while remained on the lookout. sensing his resolve, the engineer dropped the shoulder load and joined the eventful stake.

now seeing his two companions fully engaged in a tacit, yet inaudible conversation, the fisherman joined. “whats the catch?” he said. only silence pervaded. neither spoke nor acknowledged the attendance nor the inquiry. it was then the seafarer’s cue. a glance at the meager occasion, and he saw the reason for the commotion.

“any lost soul?” the shepherd inquired upon passing by. the three men remain bowed. he too, took notice. and remained in observation.

it was now becoming a line. the builder, the engineer, the fisherman. and also the shepherd. an audience only they could see. and the builder knew. like a roll of 35mm, he has seen. and has been, until the last frame. he has built several like this before.

yet his eyes were still glued like an anticipated rerun.

“you’ll be ok, lil boy sam.” the builder finally whispered, as the boy made his stretch to the tunnel with the blinding light.

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  1. engel says


    still, i'm happy to see a new post here ash. =)

    ʎonqʎʇıɔ says

    i love how you seemingly play with your words. you express things so effortlessly.

    wanderingcommuter says

    what i like about your writings is that you make your readers think and avoid spoon feeding them.