11th hour and coming

you wake up one day.

the sun was supposed to pierce your east window pane. it was. all telltale signs of the morning bash. yet not the early salutation that gets you kindled. it is time. yes, it is. too much glare on the scheming sun.

that day is today.

6 comment/s:

  1. Galen says

    I'm glad your blog is open again. :)

    Anonymous says

    i share mugen's sentiments.

    gumamit ka ng sunscreen.

    rudeboy says

    Ah, the infernal sun.

    engel says

    i'm surprised to see your link updated on my list. it made me smile. =)

    ʎonqʎʇıɔ says

    i feel like an echo. my eyes widened when your blog showed up in google reader. :D

    anteros' dominion says

    nice to see you around again.