sweet surrender

don't shove your way into tears again. days like this will pass uncounted. like moments you wonder if there is another. moments that seem no company can ever afford to keep a smile glowing behind the mouth you show

take away that sadness. i tell you, it will be just fine. just a shrug more of strength to overcome. the heart has its way of beating through the toughest turmoil. and neither is it today.

if solitude is your worst enemy, it is only you then that dictates this turmoil. it cannot grow, cannot conquer without the conscious presence of you remembering. it fades the time you choose to let it pass along. intangible, like a distant past.

see, you can imagine more than being alone. imagination is your best escape.

so come now, hear me above what one mind can conjure. rest well. you deserve it. and let me join you in your sleep. let this pair of arms warm the coldness sweeping your heart. an embrace that touches through skin. i can hear the gentle throb reminding you that one is alive. an occasion to seize an opportunity.

hear these soft whispers coming. lips gently pressing as you feel the air sweeping your ears, "you will be fine, my friend. you don't have to be alone."

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  1. engel says

    i know of a few people who'd benefit by reading this post. =)

    Darc Diarist says

    cuts through. such an auspicious time for me to read this. suffice to say that i can relate...


    Manech says

    You're such a softie. Wonderful. :)

    thecuriouscat says

    buti na lang nagblog hop ako and I get to read this

    rudeboy says

    @ engel : Name names.

    @ ash : The heart is a lonely hunter.

    Anonymous says

    thank you, Hun.

    Pakiss nga. :-)

    ash says

    name names. haha

    @darc diarist @ thecuriouscat
    are you one of the names engel has named? cheers!

    it does grow hard, mr. M. lol

    then its time to get hunted instead. haha

    do i know you? haha!

    Anonymous says

    oh, you know me Hun. You know me all too well in fact.


    ash says

    sounds too good to be too well...

    POPOY says

    worth ang ginawa kong pagpepetiks sa work... i love it... "GRIN" :)