the unnecessary thermocline

i leaned back pressing myself against a couch early friday afternoon. twelve thousand pesos swiped for this garden view. a textbook recipe for a post-valentine plan with the other half.

the curtain dampened the shade of the blaring sun. it somehow casts a perfect hue inside this room. she would have loved this weather and the respite laid on a silver platter. it would have been a perfect weekend getaway.

a moments glance and a hotel staff came along leaving a platter of fruits and a 2008 cabarnet.

"shall i now open the wine, sir?"

"no," i responded without eye contact.

"not today."


she was not surprised. after all, it was a whirlwind occasion that antedated this onslaught.

one moment, both you were engaged on a mind blowing sex. the next morning, she was cold and furious at your routine personal hygeine. the afternoon as you pick her up, she was eager to have your sweet embrace. then another bitter argument over domestic chores as nightcap. the proceeding sunrise was status quo.

"i still got the room for us."

"i have a lot of things to finish at home. "

"even just a short swim before you start?" she's fond of threading in water as me.

"i said i have a lot to do."


it is summer.

the water soothes your entire integument. you float over an endless expanse drifting lower toward the seabed. at one point, a sudden draft of warmth awakens your mental slumber. the border well defined and is distinct. hovering from one depth to the other, you feel the invisible temperature change. like traversing from water onto oil.

then another one catches you. then another.

you know it happens. a very natural phenomena. but still, it catches you off guard.

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  1. buboy says

    it's really hard to understand woman's behavior. now, she's sweet, then next, you find her fuming.

    anyway, the heat is on! enjoy summer!

    engel says

    ahhh. women. no comment. =)

    hugh says

    bro... thanks for the offer. the thing is, nahiya ako. hahaha!

    iurico says

    Kasi nga naman, tinalbugan mo daw siya sa pagiging sirena.

    jowk lang. pinatatawa lang kita.

    I hope you guys are okay na. Kiss the baby for me.

    Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart says

    Ganyan talaga ang mga babae. But dont we all just love them. :)


    Manech says

    Iurico's comment made me laugh.

    Hope you're feeling much better, now.

    Eternal Wanderer... says

    that's why i stay away from bilats.

    they're mariah scarey!


    anteros' dominion says

    baka merong period si misis

    sana okay na kayo

    rudeboy says

    Ah, women.

    Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em.

    ash says

    all's well people. :)