like that i love you

like endless lovespell.

like fairytale that never ceases to end happily ever after.

like you.

linger this open ended tender cuddle. behooves you like soft velvet texture of merlot. with only a moments aging, it mellows to a wanton volition this palate covets.

like tomorrow. always a sanguine future awaiting each passing sunset. bouyed by the next and each tomorrows occassion being beside you.

love like there is no waterloo. beyond buenas or malas, it pervades. a rotation that knows no endpoint.

love like there will always be tomorrow to share.

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  1. thecuriouscat says


    iurico says

    so... so... sooo... NOSEBLEED! LOL

    ash says


    here's a hanky :)

    Darc Diarist says

    "buoyed by the next and each tomorrow's occasion being beside you."

    hay, that is the sweetest...

    Manech says

    hi, poet. :)