confucius says...

"continue the straight path and fortune will come your way," said the fortune cookie.

of all cookies held inside this fishbowl. it just had to make sense. perfect sense. the missus was inside the theater, waiting for her bag of nibbles. who would have thought it was at this kiosk named taters. the server, who hurriedly completed my to-go order, prodding at the last minute as i carried the fodder toward the cinema foyer.

"sir!" he half-shouted. "please take one cookie. its free."

a divine messenger. not the proverbial words of confucius nor gospel truth. but was much closer to the heart who questions. this morning's altar kneel, this issue out on the table.

i hear you, mr. builder.

4 comment/s:

  1. iurico says

    baka naman kasi "literal" ang isinaad sa fortune cookie. masyado mo naman binigyan ng kahulugan. haha

    wanderingcommuter says

    ALAM NA! nyahahaha! kahit fortune cookie nasesense. hahaha

    hugh says

    di mo naman kelangan nyan kasi straight ka diba? lol!

    ash says

    both ways siguro :)

    its between me and the fortune cookie! haha

    ah talaga? :p