the chimera strain

why the predominant majority of human handedness prefers the right side isn't really clear to science. neither is it willfully chosen and willfully changed. at the latest, it may be developmentally determined or earlier on as an expression of genetics.

but the greater rarity (and interest) in this asymmetry lies with a far few who claim to possess ambidexterity. not an extraordinary feat, but by a few number who belong to this list may refer to as talent.

and an advantage.

now how the left minority speaks of this cross dominance is commonly taken as just a phase of adaptation prior to realizing the other end of the pole.

but i differ. and propose that, at least for a great number, it is them. the marginal who strives to attain normalcy by obligating themselves to being able to fit the one side while preferentially more inclined to the other.

the genera is therefore acquired or innate.

but it is du jour.

being bi is the new breed.

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  1. Eternal Wanderer... says

    more like the sirena strain, if you ask me.


    red the mod says

    Chimera. The two-headed dog that cradles Romus and Romulus, and guards the gates of hell. Darn.

    Your prolific.