hear me

hey there, what’s up
muse much, no nap?

tell me, this one
all ears, and eye
a beer, ill buy

your crush, he’s hot
don’t fret, i can’t
you suck, i won’t

well fuck, i do
but ass, no breach
the wife, my lone

but please, don’t dive
just yet, find more
his aim, will show

like last, be sure
he was, an ass
that too, has passed

but cry not now
it won’t, if wise
you’ll know, next time

here now, a hug
a friend, that’s right
i will, just thug

5 comment/s:

  1. hugh says

    this, for me?

    thanks, so much
    you are, good friend
    you'll stick, i know
    through thin, and thick

    i know, he's hot!

    so there, i know
    under your umbrella, i'll stand


    engel says

    awww. this made me smile.

    iurico says

    no updates yet?

    ash says

    ano? hahaha

    smiling is therapeutic :)

    yes sir, eto na po... hehe

    Manech says

    you're sweet, big guy. :D