there's only a few land allowing
a man holding the flag of R.P.
without a visa to walk its soil.

this land they knew as the promised
windswept from a barren horizon
now laden with milk and honey.

inside a temple i set foot
drawn in homage to its heavenly father
the words that bind a communion of faith.

in these soul-telling words
the same yet inscribed as another voice
a hymn told in more speakable form

but what truly inspired me to kneel
as i see yet the same words of prayer
yet this, only my distant land can understand

ginoo, ang akon gina saligan
ang imo paghigugma
kag ang pagtawad sa akon'g ginatago

sa pagpili ko sa ini nga dalan
sa pag sugod sang ini nga semana
gina pangayo ko tani

mas laba nga pagpasensya
gapin pa ang pagkapyot sa akong asawa kag bata
nga biskan mahigko, maayo gihapon nga bana.

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  1. engel says

    you cebuano?

    ash says


    citybuoy says

    yay! i love what you've done to the place. inggit ako sa template.

    Manech says

    I have a deep respect for Filipinos who know other languages besides Tagalog and English. I wish I was multilingual.

    iurico says

    Ilonggo or hiligaynon?

    Either way - I can undertand the dialects. hehehe

    ash says


    its never too late to learn another one :)

    does it pass as illonggo? hahaha