the quick fix

inside this banyo, bigger than a studio flat in a metro.
i was sitting at this lone chair with a center hole.
the anal release. 'til all of dirt's emptied.
remnants from a sequence of conscious intake.

a flush was needed. only a lever to press.
bid farewell this organic debris, then on to the next.


clunk. clunk. the metal sound banging on ceramic hood.

what should've been a long gush of running fluid.
crap. dark matter was still suspended.

i eye on the next best tool of trade.

a balde.

full of water thrown at the caulder.
this should force the unwanted matter to its prolonged slumber.

so the remaining daylights, spent on this southeastern corner.
a total of nine dusks after christmas.
all laid at in-law's bed.

with each use of the toilet service.
the same disappointment embraces the seated.
resorting to a manual labor.

until today.

at this house settled across a church, the town park and the bayside palengke.
not for a house of three.
but for a dozen. and add a few more for the kalesa.

two rooms sharing this lavatory.
nobody paused.
and took a look at the cause of the malfunction.
for it was only a detached coil.
strapped back to its position.
came back to its full service.

why no one wondered,
and got beyond the surface.
to see what was wrong.

instead, settled the quick fix
while the root of the problem
they remain in attrition.

5 comment/s:

  1. Anonymous says

    i'm guilty about this one too. i guess i'm not the proactive type. haha! my mom usually is the one who'd fix it anyway and when she comes out, she'd tell us, in her borderline shouting tone, "mga lalake kayo dito, eto lang di nyo magawa?".


    TianTianTian says

    i love it how you make even the ugly process of pooping so very entertaining and beautiful. I was laughing my ass off reading the first few lines! Galeng!

    iurico says

    only you can make sh!tting sound so... so... so... poetic!!!

    ash says

    @maxwell flux
    haha... sino ang lalake dito? :)

    thanks *blushing*

    a poetic shit, if i may deduce. *wink*

    rudeboy says


    I haven't quite read a tale of doing No. 2 written with such eloquence, such poetry plus an epiphany, too!

    Well done, ash!