hero within

it was all over news. efren peñaflorida and his catwalk to the hollywood theater. this ordinary guy's pedestal climb courtesy of our trademark global influence over the world wide web. in his acceptance speech, he mentioned of hidden hereos within.

sans the camera lights, there was another one. a lot closer to my heart. her name was missis ash.

between almost two years from getting married and our first born, there were 24 then that we made ours. kids aged three to five years. at least on weekends. that was the count.

cute. and horrible.

missis was raised an engineer. but had this undeniable itch for teaching. and no better deserving she went than to those that cannot afford one. her first, a lesson plan adapted for an urban slum.

all year long. saturdays and oftentimes on sundays too. she took it as a loyal crusade. the few nights preceeding weekends weren't spent on a mall, club or a restaurant row. but at home, preparing for the next days teaching plan. and spent was hers entirely, as the group she joined didn't have much funds to throw.

the kids she's known. an entire bag of class stereotypes. a bully. introvert. gossip-girl. happy-go-lucky. even a mama's boy. all packed on a small makeshift she proudly calls her class. all she needed was a roof, a blackboard, and hard ass guts. she even made herself ready by enrolling to a diploma course, all done on her dwindling free time. the chairs and tables and feeding fund. they came as well from all donors grant.

it was the first time this change process was tried on this side of the street. day one, the parents where at the back. and most cynical of her deck of cards. the toil took heavy pains. a deep-seated kalye mentality. at their age, a few cussed-laden conversations greets each classroom argument. a few more hard-headed angels who did not knew the word politeness. missis taught more than just the A, B and C's. above all shapes, colors and animal names. she taught them how to say please, sorry and say grace before a meal.

they where just kids. once you see them smile, you melt with positive pride.

so i was there. instead of the gym, the basketball court or in front of a television wall. i was missis ash's designated driver. and kargador. and teacher's assistant. and the event chronicler.

but most of all, proud husband to an unsung hero. on her final mark, a paper trophy and a music sung by her own flock.

ikaw ang tangi kong idol, missis ash.

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  1. ash says

    disclaimer: this post doesn't fit well for this blog. but i just had to type it to relish the moment. :)

    buboy says

    Nice naman ng may ganyang misis ash!

    thecurioscat says

    she's special, you must be so proud of her

    hugh says

    wow! ang sweet naman... ang swerte naman ni misis.

    engel says

    how nice. and sweet. =)

    rudeboy says

    Cliche as it may sound, I think teaching is a noble vocation.

    Your wife has a good heart to have volunteered to teach those kids, ash. You're a lucky man.

    anteros' dominion says

    mahal mo nga siya

    Manech says

    How wonderful to hear people with so much heart. I envy and respect you and your wife.

    Please continue to do this. The world needs people like you.

    ash says

    yeah she is. thanks for dropping by!

    i am. in both aspects.

    thanks man! pero mas swerte si ash.

    she is. she is. thanks engel.

    ash says

    a big big heart she has. and a proud occupant :)

    @anteros' dominion
    i have always did.

    we need more people like her. too much ash's already :p