public display of erection


yes homo erectus, you. too often a bench press you do.

tumescenting isnt a vital sign. nor a strobe light in perpetual surround. wang-gorged to a woman. pick the only one. no more to be sown, especially to a man. and never on public's mind. too much a noise this roaring a tiger, heard from his impound.

not a switch, i know. power sword never too easily ignored. but neither a rebellion this james dean you can fold.

mind over matter they say. so think harder and not a boner. and ruminate less with the foilage at bay. practice you had, early on campus grounds. no salute for the flaccid junk. even with dingalings on parade come shower time.

other firsts you had when the marital knot was still a future grab. on one, she takes you in this QC land, where a rub and a stroke is order at hand.

my gawd! hormones in astray. as the wet area, onsen-style in display. a thick cover and a lot of cold water. to douse a growing gun still lodged in this holster. and the massage, no less became a fruitless struggle. the attendant asked, a dick or a slit? silly question or so you thought. you looked down and assured it was a pecker in his way. and so one came along, rubbing oil, skin pushed onto yours. unhappy thoughts you pictured to stunt the growth, as he might mind you were in for his schlong all along.

so keep it private. or restrained. excalibur stuck firmly in stone. gray skull the closet only he-man knows. keep it inside, only on one's and missis' dutiful hands.

12 comment/s:

  1. rudeboy says

    The penis mightier than the sword?

    thecurioscat says

    if it could only talk lol

    ash says

    as mighty as your saber sword :)

    well... it bites! haha
    what will yours say, if i may ask? :p

    rudeboy says

    @ ash : My sword remains firmly sheathed. Hence, it's been a long while since a gay blade
    has...sabered the flavor.

    MkSurf8 says

    "mind over matter"

    it has a mind of its own. a very independent one.

    engel says

    i honestly have no idea what to say about the post and the comments.


    ash says

    ahhh. so other than a pink blade, made a duel? :P

    a very naughty one!

    perv! haha :)

    Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart says

    and so the mind won! This time. :) Kudos!

    citybuoy says

    i'm just as lost as engel. rudeboy is so naughty. haha

    thecurioscat says

    pre doon tayo sa sulok o sa parking lol

    ash says

    welcome back bro!

    im good at giving directions. haha

    now im lost. hehe

    wanderingcommuter says

    clueless... on my way to the nearest adoration chapel..