here's another plan.

soon's gonna be another calendar flip. not the rite of passing from the birth canal, but of the altar march. seems like this is going to be a long run with missis ash.

yeah and it's a recurring itch. ash has this fondness for making sneaky surprises. the kind that blows his missis' day. so it better be a grand plot she would never thought her other half would pull off.

she's prolly supposing it'll be just a gift. or a candlelit munch for two. an after-dark slack from work or from motherhood is her thing these days. there never is too often a rant to stop from her office or domestic tasks.

the first day of work week, missis ash wont know. she's coming in for not for her desk. but a trip towards the aeroparque. a hostage take her husband has marked.

this coying man took pains to run. his missis' boss too damn hard to sway. but then the only way as one's got a mighty will. a two day off without the staff's consent. was just what little sam's began to conspire. a bargain with her chief, ash knows is a heavy, and tricky pact with the devil. he will owe him a mountain in return. nevertheless, a vindicated task.

the morning drive will come out like this. it will be the usual steer to the CBD, but her sweet lover will unknowingly declare an emergency. a self-proclaimed quarantine he will say. and vast seas away from this urban decay.

enough pack of stuff all laid out beforehand. a two-piece match isn't a work attire after all. nor is sunblock a familiar stack in her makeup bag. and baby ash. well, left out to the trusty hands of her missis ash's folks.

oh and what a picturesque facility they will stay. not a finger to lift a decent chore. not a moment, this lad thinks she will get bored. two sunsets is what he will ask. all alone. of course the wine stands in between. and what the devious mind will connive.

so its a hush. 'til revelation day. highly unlikely this silence disturbed.

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  1. salbehe says

    i love your layout. May ganito pala sa blogspot. =)

    engel says

    how sweet. good luck with the plans for the calendar flip!!

    oh and happy anniversary to you and the missus. =D

    rudeboy says

    That's a sweet surprise, ash. I hope wifey enjoys it.

    The surprises sprung on me tend to be unpleasant ones.

    ash says

    oo meron. thanks for passing by! :)

    thanks man!

    taena, dapat lang! a gaping hole it left on mi wallet. hahaha

    hope you have your pleasant blows soon! hehehe

    john stanley says

    pun intended ba ang comment kay rude? hehehe.

    hugh says

    wow! kinilig ako, kainis. hehehe!

    ash says

    @john stanley
    'tis christmas naman. time when we think of wishes to cum. haha


    thecurioscat says

    sweet ni mr ash kay mrs ash

    ang bilis ng panahon ano, I'm sure magugustuhan niya yun

    citybuoy says

    i think that's so cute. i'm sure she'll love it!

    ash says

    @thecurioscat @citybuoy
    thanks!! :)