not just mine

it was just a date. me, the missis and the rest of the gang. all counting to nine. a legal other each has, except for one. but he brought with him a companion we saw the first time.

he said he was eyeing. this girl he was with last night. she was likeable. independent. sophisticated. the carrie bradshaw we used to watch. we had all eyes set to her. a hot seat laid come chitchat time. and she was cool to mingle. pleasantly endearing to all of us.

but soon he paid his and her tab, then excused for the rest of night. part of his plan was a one on one, which we didn't mind.

or did we.

hidden between the small talk was the tabloid news no one read aloud. this he whom we know. has (or as he claims, had) a baggage left behind. his none other than he had for a decade now. since college they were living in as one. even going full fledged sans the blessings of the church.

he claims it was already a past. a freedom he can have. but his other one we came to understand. also a he by all standards. thus, his decision, the question in everyones mind.

no other parties involved, as they claim. it was their mutual decision. untying their imaginary knot. and a family life they wanted to pursue. no one clearly understood this arrangement they had. he was now living alone. and his ex-he, stayed on the flat they shared since years ago. they would still call each other friends, but steadily moving into each one's way. a move he would tell missis, was the right thing to do.

"sa tingin mo, will he tell her?" missis asked as we walked to the parking slot.

"can he?" i asked.

"kawawa naman yung girl if he wont. but i don't know if she can take it." missis was just concerned. it was her longtime friend.

the car was now in front of us. "yeah," was my reply, as i let go of missis' hands.

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  1. anteros' dominion says


    engel says

    i remember One More Chance with this story.

    hugh says

    nakakatakot ba?

    rudeboy says


    citybuoy says

    that's sad.

    thecurioscat says

    sometimes things bound to end no matter how it makes you happy :(

    Darc Diarist says

    i feel the conflict in your every entry. i've always had feelings against plu's who enter relationships with girls. it's really not fair dragging someone else into our mess. but i feel your love for your family and i really believe in your sincerity. i wish you strength to sort things out. be strong...

    ash says

    this is the first time i see you giving a two letter reply. :)

    @engel @rudeboy
    in what way?

    at first, but you learn to live with what you have (or you cant)

    for whom?

    difficulties have an ending as well. :)

    @darc diarist
    thanks for reading. and to the well wishes!

    Anonymous says

    You have just written one of the saddest lines, Sam. I share with your sentiments.

    ash says

    thanks bro! sad eh? how come?

    wanderingcommuter says

    hhaaaaayyyy. yun lang,

    kulang ka lang sa tulog.