night cap

this veiled city. muffled along an outskirt called guijo street. enter all human laden in dark drab wander. past midnight, whom all else begin their R.E.M. slumber.

the air is marked. so is your right inner arm past the entrance man.

bedazzled farther than the sight one spots from left to right. the auditory sound. glaringly deafening than a treat from a 5.1. a twist of spoken melody only heard at this nightly run. a revolver of different acts. each one its own rookie take of emo grunge. unsigned talents this stage their command.

the seventh. or was that an eight. a round they served on a freezing gown. shouting chats finally a journal respite. the chairs now flanked, giving way a sway of urban trot. followed only by this panorama of musical blast.

past another jagger. then another. the phone beeps a string of text.

"uwi ka na. si baby ash kanina pa umiiyak."

the eyes set at the shorthand now pointing to three. then the glance to the glass. the last round downed in one swallow. thirtyfive kilometers. a drive down south. then west. the gates came open to meet your rest.

glad to be back the other night at last. not a monthly stop, more likely a blue moon stash.

6 comment/s:

  1. rudeboy says

    Standing still in the shadows, or slipping away in the shade, the nocturnal wanderer raises silent questions.

    I know where Guijo is, but I know not what is in Guijo.

    hugh says

    up to 6 lights? :)

    engel says

    reminds me why it's nice to still be single and without responsibilties.


    ash says

    it is like the malate you once knew. :)

    i stopped counting at six. siguro had one to two more.

    hahaha. yeah. but being tied has its perks too :)

    thecurioscat says

    ako d na nagcocount lol

    ganun talaga basta may partner na hehe

    iurico says

    Next time, shut the phone off. hahaha