a childs voice

will the little boy sam who i once was, regard this little no more that i since became?


when we look at our past, we see a naive self wandering towards uncertainty. we age, commit mistakes and learn from the fall. it is just but humanly inate of us to adapt. at certain times, we may become callous. scared from the miseries of the past. shy away from change and stick to being status quo. yet we cannot escape the inevitable reality of our transformation. the present becoming a collective outcome of our past decisions as it paces itself into an immediate future that we either embrace or hide from.


what once was a seed may live to grow as a towering plant. but that is just wishful thinking. how many of us would land on rocky, unfertilized soil. how many of us brave the difficult weather. how many of us turn into prey to the higher food chain before we even grown our own seeds. we speak of dreams. we chart our aspirations. but at the end of the day, we only hope to succeed.


a child believes. an adult justifies. the boy lives. the man toils.

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  1. ash says

    the next post would be more coherent.

    cb :: 林偉文 says

    a sad ode to youth and its inevitable death.

    Anonymous says

    That is called life. We grow up and make mistakes but the journey is what matters. =)

    Very nice post sir.

    ash says

    @cb @rjpebs - i refuse to loose the child in me (or whats left of it) :)