walk with me

if she was a guy, would she:

- ever admit to committing a mistake?
- fret if the toilet seat's up. rant if a toothpaste is left uncapped. scream at a drop or two of urine or a speck of poo trail. reprimand for an unhanged towel.
- resort to crying as an excuse or to have her way done.
- fill an entire row of shoes of the same style, but of different color.
- drive you to your office less than a kilometer from your place, since hers is two cities away?

- and when you fetch her, asks you to wait two more hours at the parking without any option of protest as after all, it is her office's fault. but when you arrive five minutes late due to unexpected traffic, you get the ire of a whining horn.
- disturb you in a meeting to update you of HER office's daily chismis. if you then hang the phone, she complains of you being insensitive.
- drag you to a mall to show a dozen wardrobe changes. and feel unloved if you didnt buy her at least one.
- expect to have the last word in an argument. anything you say after that becomes another argument.
- expect to know all dates, places, firsts, and lasts, else labelled as heartless.
- say "its your decision", "do what you want", "its up to you" or "im ok". but get blamed for the minutest oversight.

- think that she can change your bad habits.
- render a thousand and one moods. and always have her period as an excuse.
- still ask you day and night if she was getting thinner. and "yes" or "no" is never an answer.
- demand at least an hour of foreplay
- get pissed if she asks how she looks with the clothes she wears and you reply "ok".
- need to be indulged, bought flowers, hands held, write sweet nothings, shower compliments just to get her in bed. while she just turns naked to turn you on.

and the long list goes on. each a reason against taking your hand and walking with you to forever-dom.

ours run on opposite ends of the mind. in all our lows and pains, unity wasn't a regarded prospect. i admit at times supposing to walk alone. or thinking of walking the other side of the road.

but there is this inescapable reason to stay.

last night i dreamnt your end. and i woke up flooded in tears. moreso, drowned in fear of walking this earth alone. that beyond this disparity, the touch of your hand heals and comforts all anxiety.

i cannot promise you all heavens. but be certain i will be here to walk with you.

i love you.

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  1. Mike says

    This post is so sweet. I won't bother putting sugar on my coffee for month. :p

    Cloud says


    ang sweet nga.


    Jinjiruks says

    hi ash, bloghoppin

    such a sweet guy! baka ma-inlove ako niyan sa iyo.

    ash says

    @mike - haha. sweetness shouldnt just mask the bitterness of one. thanks for passing by!

    @cloud - thanks too!

    @jinjiruks - you're welcome to hop on bro! :)

    cb :: 林偉文 says

    very sweet. i almost want to meet her. haha

    Nhil says

    wow. one of the nicest blog entries someone has ever posted.

    ash says

    @Nhil - Thanks for the compliment! :)

    Allan says

    i actually still marvel at how, despite all the nuances, love finds its way between two people. and the best reward to having promised to be there despite all the have-nots and the am-nots... is to have the same thing promised back to you.

    the best to you and your wife :)