tease me baby, till i loose control

ding. dong.

a human form awaits the other side of the door while you awaken yourself en route to the peephole.

the door swings to reveal the timely visitor.

"hey." the eyebrow raises to motion a welcome gesture.

"kuya." a casual smile then greets you. like that from a beloved friend.

"long time ah. pasok ka." you pat him in the back then extend a swaying hand toward the room. "busy parin?"

"opo. start na po ng pasok next week."

the two of you proceed towards the edge of the bed. he takes of his chucks, then his socks. then starts to fold his pants.

"sikip nyang pants mo ah. meron akong shorts dyan, gamitin mo na lang."

"ah... ok lang po kuya."

you insist. "ok lang. hindi ko na yan gagamitin."

"wag na po. tanggalin ko na lang 'to," says the guest while holding the waistline. gravity takes toll on the pants as it comes falling down, exposing his briefs covering the manly junk. he goes to the toilet to take a leek and to wash his hands. While you go au naturele and take position yourself over the bed.

"kuya hard parin?" he asks.

"oo. katulad ng dati," with a half grin you reply.

the soft duvet cushions your weight as your bare skin presses the gentle sheets. the cold warmth of the beddings providing a sensous relief. the softness almost consumes your senses to sleep.

but then...

a gentle yet firm heat begins to caress your back. the strokes form a kneading pattern that translates pressure to therapy for your muscles.

slowly, a sense of hightened calmness builds at each rub...

5 comment/s:

  1. Anonymous says

    may utang kang batok! :-p

    Knox Galen says

    very sensual kuya!! Ahahahaha.

    ash says

    @Anonymous - araykopo! teka, hindi ba tayo quits na? hahaha :)

    @Knox Galen - im just warming up the appetizer :)

    Cloudy says

    correct me if im wrong bro. kelangan ba nakabrief lang ang nagmamasahe?



    Anonymous says


    Anakan mo na lang ako.