the healing hand

they say there is a pill for every ill.
a drug on hand to heal all known bug.

but this condition i feel,
never has been doused
by a drink of a seed
or a prick of the skin.

no cure in sight
but by the skill of a single human hand.

still this only remedy,
nowhere near the unwell.
the distance, two thousand miles apart.

now theres no other means.
a morbid reality but to wait.
in the meantime,
a steady patience to palliate.

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  1. Cloud Strife says

    good choice of words.


    ORACLE says

    Time can be a very powerful force. It can either make or break you. At the end of the day, it's either you make time and enemy of friend...

    Tnx for dropping by...

    enJAYneer says

    hey ash thanks for visitng my site... see u around bro..

    JAYtography: An Online Travelogue

    ash says

    @cloud strife thanks! :)

    @oracle time isnt what i have...

    @enJAYneer see you on the bandwidth :)