the dark mark

Laticauda colubrina, commonly known as banded sea snake.

it's a docile, inoffensive sea creature. but at the strike of a bite, its venom 10x more deadly than the fabled black mamba.

my first encounter came at the shores of cagayan de oro. then it reappeared while threading the waters of bohol, malapascua, guimaras, and recently at masbate.

the sea snake shying away over my presence.
san miguel island, masbate

one particular close encounter. i joined a check-out in sabang, puerto galera. we wanted to pass through this popular "hole in the wall" formation enveloped with sponges and corals. as i exited the hole, a too familiar creature was coiled by itself two arms length my portside from where i was floating. seeing as unaggressive, i wanted to move to a closer view. but the dive master preempted my curiosity and immediately signalled a closed fist, which in diving semaphor meant as danger.

snakes would also come as strange visions during sleep, though i never really made an effort dissecting its subliminal representation. over the internet, they say it may pertain to change or transformation, oppressed desires, an imminent fear, phallic symbol, or temptation.

for whatever purpose these appearances evoke, either as dreams or as wild encounters, i may not fully understand. but for now, an undeniable lure is certain... a longing to leave the slytherin mark on my back.

5 comment/s:

  1. Anonymous says

    astig bro!!

    nasa slytherin house din ako ;)

    pero ang sakin name ng mahal ko
    nakasulat sa alibata.. ;)

    sabay tayo pa tattoo??

    Jinjiruks says

    ahehe. ewan ko nde ko gagawin yan parang nadudumihan ako. kanya-kanyang preference lang siguro.

    Tristan Tan says

    Not really fond of snakes but that tat is really cool. I'm also thinking of getting one soon. Maybe a small bear/dolphin on my upper thigh.

    gillboard says

    dive master was right to signal danger upon seeing that snake... cuz it's really really dangerous to get bitten by it...

    nice tat though...

    ash says

    @anonymous - sino si mahal? :p

    @jinjiruks - i would like to make a mark as a remembrance of my "kapilyohan". thanks for passing by.

    @tristan tan - thanks for leaving you mark too! upper thigh? but that would really tickle when the tattoo is being done... ;)

    @gillboard - yeah.. :) you a diver too?