the sea is my second home.
the swim takes me to depths where no air threads.

the sound ceases to disturb my secluded abode.
only a distant muffle to engage the silence below.

and the sight is another tale.
lives that suffocate without being wet.

the absence of air is my ardent escape.

8 comment/s:

  1. Prince_Cloud says


    Sale ako mag swimming next time.


    Eternal Wanderer... says

    Isa kang super sireyna!


    xtian1978ii says

    hahaha @Eternal

    pwede ba sumisid diyan kahit hindi marunong lumangoy? hehehe kakaingit naman.

    engel says

    sarap naman sumisid.

    Doc Mike says

    Pasama minsan! San ba to?

    ash says

    guys, there are more than 7000 islands to choose your sisiran. take your pic. hehehehe.

    and practice is key. a clear pool is a good start.

    pics were taken from honda pay in palawan.

    cb :: 林偉文 says

    i really like this. plus the pictures made it seem more haunting.

    ash says

    haunting? never thought it were a spooky experience... hehehe