faux alarme

"i just had my period this morning."

and so was mrs ash's text message a week after that grandoise talk . the thought of the second one became just another passing thought.

a sigh. it will be another try.

i hid the phone back without even making a reply. the morning sun was still creeping its way up above the sea and the sky's great divide.

i pulled on my boardshorts, googles and ear plugs. the moment was perfect for a morning swim.

and then. as i headed and gone paddling my way against the rolling waves,

a haunting, pardon my fran├žais, faux alarme moment flooded my mind.

the year was 2007. an out of town getaway for a last mooning event with the honey before her full pregnancy rest has just ended. she stayed a few more days with friends while i crossed the border for work.

soon after settling inside my designated room, i thought of making a swim at the hotel pool. it was the same googles and ear plugs brought out from the travel bag.

i undressed. then took a long glance between my inner thigh.

between the penile shaft and the mushroom hat.

it was semi-flushed, barely a dot.

a scratch? no, it looked more like a lesion - a barely noticeable scrape of the outer skin.

a sore? maybe a sore! no, no... not a sore!!!

i still recall the abc's of std's. and if memory serves right, this is a candidate for the tuskegee fight.

(next post - the differential diagnosis.)

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  1. Eternal Wanderer... says


    it's the h thing!


    ash says

    @eternal wanderer - a small hickie :)