wild thing

this is a tale of two crawling beachcombers, cheli-X and cheli-Y.

cheli-X, appearing on the left, assumes the female role in this story. anatomically, her broader and rounder abdomen differs from the male's pointed and thinner cephalothorax. but this female cheli-X as we label her may had been a Y all along, as genetically males of this particular genera can revert sexes at appropriate conditions.... and this is another story.

now these two chelis on this cloudy day took on a more human behavior as they become forceful accomplices to this in-human-e intervention called role playing. and this particular role these two chelis are volun-told to portray we will call as (drumbeats please) ...

the world wide wild-ass wacking act of the wang.

act 1. first blood is green

cheli-X and cheli-Y meets for the first time. and first impression counts, especially when you're paraded in the nude. the eyeballing (more like a total body scan) takes its due course, and two green minds intertwine.

as the mind says, the body will follow. and soon enough, when the hormonal peak reaches its threshold of no return, the first skin contact signals the marathon run.

act 2. ora et lingua - the mouth and tongue job

once the common intention is discerned, instinct (or rather urges) predominate the act. as first base, this cheli takes their turn sniffing the other ones man- (or woman- or gay-) hood. but the sniff is such a sensory overload so in the course of action, it lets the tastebuds overtake and seize the steering wheel.

a word of thought on the tongue - as the doting laborer, its goal is to provide the contrast (or complement) from the sucking action of the mouth. a point of focus amidst the sea of ecstasy. and in the same line of thought as we describe the act where the mouth lodges its vacuum effect, the tongue's site of excitation describes the deed, be it a penni-, cunni- or ana- lingus.

act 3. who'se on top?

the top takes the aggressor position, generally speaking. and also in general terms dictates the pace of the intimacy. coming from this point of view, the top maybe described not in terms of position but of the giver in a give-and-take process.

an important point for the toppers is to know their partners Ws and H - where, when, what and how. as achieving act number four is not only a one way street but two acts to achieve. if the top can't, let the other assume top position.

act 4. in search of the blinding light

acts two and three and all other acts of the same derivative rally singly one after the other to achieve a common effect - to reach a climactic blinding light. the external signs range from a scream, a long sigh, from a twitch to a momentary convulsion, or any abrupt change in behavior from a steady accelerating pace of activity.

as each cheli takes his or her own pace, the other must buoy up in support of their partners due course. otherwise, frustation is in the offing.

act 5. the great depression

after the storm comes the quiet period. not a word more in description.

NB: im having too much sun on my head

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  1. engel says

    i find this post funny, enlightening and appalling all at the same time!!!

    does it really have to be crabs?! =P

    ash says

    i hesistated at first to post, as it was bordering on the geeky. :)

    Doc Mike says

    You gave me an idea to post the gummy bear-sutra. haha!

    Eternal Wanderer... says


    sex never sounded more scientific hihihihi

    hugh says

    mga tao din ba 'to? lol!

    ash says

    @Doc Mike
    haha... humanizer ka rin!

    @Eternal Wanderer
    sex i supposed to be... a natural act of physiology ;)

    tao-tauhan hihihi

    xtian1978ii says

    hahaha galing mo ash.

    ash says

    blame it on the sun! hahaha... but thanks. :)

    Prince_Cloud says

    napakateknikal! mas masarap basahin kung hindi eh! lols

    Anonymous says

    nice. come to think of it, not a naughty thing entered my mind as i read this one. haha.

    props to the crustaceans. but i think they're dead already, hahaha.