safety stop

at thirty years, i would say my assimilation process with this other-ness had a delayed start. even if awareness has struck me alongside puberty, i have only recently become more comfortable with what is, what can become and with what i can't. in those gapping years, reality has convoluted into two levels - the ash and the sam. they are the work of the same hands and the same mind, but live in two different paths bounded by a 38th parallel. there is no truce to speak of, as it is unconditional that these two realities remain separate. now the fear that either ash or sam recedes is if situations would occur where sam's and ash's paths would intersect and the world that one sits will recognize the others that lives beneath. this is a growing fear, as the line drawn between is imaginary. for these two realities sits on the same world and walks on the same soil.

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  1. cb :: 林偉文 says

    sometimes, the thought of people who know different sides of me meeting up and talking scares the hell out of me. but i suppose that's the price we pay for living a double life.

    engel says

    that's the danger of living two different lives. There is a chance the two worlds will collide.

    Goodboi says

    Sam, want to see a glimpse of tomorrow? You'd better see the series entitled 'Normal.'I have a feeling that it would suit you best.

    ash says

    i separate the people that these two lives meet and mingle. and the very (very) few people who knows this sam, doesnt know much about my other life.

    agree. gotta make it repel as far as possible.

    sige, lemme see if i can download them. thanks for the advise man! but dont get me wrong goodboi, i intend to keep these two lives separate.

    xtian1978ii says

    I think most of us having this kind of life fears for that. we really don't know what will happen if ever. Until then, I think you must go on but be careful always.

    Prince_Cloud says

    the multicolored life of the other should not mix with the straight solid color of the other personality or else if mixed muddy color would be the result.


    Goodboi says

    Dude, I didn't say that you drop it off. I think I gave up on that long time ago. :-)

    Anonymous says

    I just hope you're prepared for whatever happens. :-)