sex on the beach

little boy sam was alone too long.
solitary in a metaphorical lore.
he's had the A's and Z's to keep him company.
yet the sam in him talked to nobody.

this sam as he calls,
never had known, moreso told another soul.
but hidden beneath a thick wall,
a muffled cry of a little boy's mind bellows.

amidst finding other sams he would have wanted
a slice of a cake his best offer.
whoever lends an ear and a shoulder.

however in this pursuit,
his fear took greater precedence.
that other little sams would drown his existence.

and just as he would have walked that desolate cove,
the builder on his cloud took the matter in resolve.

three kindred sorts.
sams ending in B, Y and T.

they then took this once forlorn sam aboard.
to a beach a fraternal bond was born.

(the beach is said. the sex is up next)

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  1. ash says

    credits to Y and B for some of the pictures.

    Jay Vee says

    "When strangers start acting like neighbors...communities are reinvigorated."
    -- Ralph Nader

    B,Y,T and you are no longer strangers to each other, you guys are now BROTHERS!!

    kampay bro! ;)

    the closet gentleman says

    i think i'll wait for the next post to comment ;p

    Eternal Wanderer... says


    yung tropa ko rin galing dyan :D

    wait for my future post about it ;)

    Ulapensis says

    i have to wait too for the next post.

    this post is sweet BTW. long live your friendship and brotherhood (or sisterhood)


    xtian1978ii says

    hmmm hehehe. kakarelate.

    Goodboi says

    The Bob-Matt-Jay-Ash Fraternity history has to be elaborated!

    Goodboi says

    Oops, erratum: Bob-Jay-Matt-Sam! (not ash!) Haha

    ash says

    @Jay Vee
    asan ang alak? haha

    @the closet gentleman
    haha... pag sex nga naman ang topic.

    @eternal wanderer
    how'd you know about the place?

    ikaw din adik sa sex? haha

    the beach.. or the sex? hehe

    they're a big part of sam's growing-up process, so you'll read more of them for sure...

    xtian1978ii says

    pwede both hahaha. pero never tried ung group ha. pang one on one lang. lalake sa lalake lol

    charmedwishes says

    hmmm, interesting. makes you wonder.

    wanderingcommuter says

    same with closet gentleman... hahaha!

    ash says

    haha.. and one side only? :)

    charmed wishes
    thanks for dropping by

    wandering commuter
    ill wait for it! haha

    xtian1978ii says

    basta always on top hehehe