grandes esperanzas

before that usual period came to end a casual conversation, mrs ash made a note she was delayed. not for work, nor any particular activity that was overdue. rather, the regular bloodshed supposed to come in monthly cycles was parading the indian connection.

uh oh.

not that i wasnt up to laying the red carpet for another baby ash. the fact remains - and misis is well aware of this arduous intention, to have four little abo's crawling and thriving our branch of the family tree. but the timing was coming too soon, and too early for this ash's comfort.

the speculation was grounded on two likely gasms within that preceeding window period of seed germination. either that night she took upon herself to, without warning, lay on top of me without reason (and who am i to restrict her version of the scotch mist). or that other morning baby ash number one was out on an early pass and we had the matrimonial bed to ourselves.

and i am not an ardent fan of wearing the latex glove. pride, as you can discern, is one of my personal virtues. if procreation was not the act's intention, i have that arrogant yet careless security blanket of just pulling out the gun away from this tajma hole before that 21-gun salute fires away. how many of us are guilty of this excuse? perhaps all, if not all unplanned pregnancies.

so that post-conversation monologue proceeded with a semi-anxious, semi-pleased thought stuck on my mind. would it be number two? would it be a mr this time? would the nine months of bittersweet agony called husband to the pregnant wife become part dieux?

to end the speculation, an easy test should follow. which would only take a few drops of mrs ash's pee. this strip to show one band or two to say if there's a cause or just a flu.

and the next couple's casual conversation...

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  1. Eternal Wanderer... says

    straight sex....



    cb :: 林偉文 says

    hope it's what you want. baby or no baby.. boy or girl... i hope he or she will be loved. :D (cue maroon 5)

    btw, nice new layout.

    Goodboi says

    Very figurative. But no matter how you conceal it, it still remains literal. You know how people think, Neruda. ;-)

    ash says

    @eternal wanderer - you wouldnt want me to start a homo-xerex series, would you? :)

    @cb - the answer to that is on my next post :)

    @goodboi - the way we are judged by mere speculations alone? hehe..
    btw, tonight i will write pablo's saddest lines. ;)

    Goodboi says

    Who says speculations imply judgments? We'll see how you write sweet things in the saddest lines. Man, you sound familiar. :-)

    closet gentleman says

    thanks for the visit... i'd reserve the congratulations when you post the result...

    the joy that you know... you know where he graduated? :)

    ash says

    @goodboi - wondering who you're referring to. :) btw lemme delay the depression a bit.

    @closet gentlemen - welcome bro! the joy i know is a team mate to a game. and he's married. so prolly a different joy you know.