could it be number two?

then again, this speculation crossed mr ash's mind.

could it be the reason for the recent spate of bipolar-ian episodes? even baby ash wasn't spared.
and the apetite. and the gustatory choices one has to pursue.

the paternal instinct is not as sensitive. yet the basic tenets of logic cannot be ignored.

tyrone sounds like a good name.

5 comment/s:

  1. engel says

    as with before, congratulations will be reserved until number two is confirmed...

    xtian1978ii says

    uuuyyy :)

    cb :: 林偉文 says

    akala ko ba false alarm? anyway, congrats if ever. a baby! that's so adorable! :D

    Mr. Komplikado says

    Wow, a baby ... hopefully. Saka na ang congratualations pag confirmed na. =)

    Love na new layout. Now lang ulit nakadaalw dito. =)

    ash says

    sorry peepz.. the gush arrived today. it was just a delayed period.. haha