the nth dance

she will be honey
despite him half-covert
from this other facet
his life blood
to circulate
her nearness
he must create

three tunes
and counting
there is no hindering
all the same song
this music to beckon
to this pair
of jaded ped

with him
dancing along
she wont be
left all alone
for he will always do
a hold in her hand
as the music sounds
and lead
this dance on cue


i miss writing for you misis a.

11 comment/s:

  1. Tristan Tan says

    Ugh. The perfect guy, i.e. the perfect husband is most definitely gay.

    citybuoy says

    nice. love nga naman. :D

    engel says

    i think you should write more married plu stuff. that'd be interesting.

    not to mention sweet.

    ash says

    @tristan tan
    you think? hahaha.. the sweetness is just half the story. come to think of it, havent been posting the dark side of being taken. :)

    yes, my friend. most definitely think it is.

    the married part... is too common knowledge. but i will try :)

    Goodboi says

    This entry devours me alive, man.

    ash says

    hmmm... in what way?

    dabo says

    the urgency and the raw power your poetry.. galing!

    xtian1978ii says

    very well written Ash

    love really is universal, regardless of our preferences

    ash says

    thanks for dropping by. urgency?


    Goodboi says

    You know me, Sam. You always do. So I won't say a reason for it. No need. :-)

    ash says

    then i should know you more :)