dry box

its this hard plastic case reinforced with steel. with a thick o-ring that renders it impervious to water and air. and a purge valve to equalize any sudden changes in external pressure.

this case is guaranteed watertight and unbreakable. certified according to standards by the military, logistics and air transport industry. the warranty it carries is valid for a lifetime's use.

you hear stories of this case weathering all sorts of natural disasters as well as trauma brought about by fire and explosion. they say you can drop this from a multi-storey building and the contents would still end up as salvageable.

if its something worth protecting, this case is the first line defense. one cannot be safe enough to be assured from physical abuse. not with the limitless possibilities of attack.

what's inside must be really important and valuable.

i wish there was this same course to shelter the little boy sam.

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  1. Goodboi says

    Little Sam can be put to a safe like this for as long there is someone whom he can entrust himself to be locked in safely. Of course this someone should know everything, even the deepest (either most absurd or dirtiest) secret ever lived called "key/password to the safe."

    By knowing this, we see that the dry box now bounces back to Little Sam, as his wish would entirely depend on himself.

    I suggest that you start building your dry box, Sam, until you became prepared.

    Goodboi says

    erratum: *become

    citybuoy says

    we are all so so fragile, whether or not we choose to be. i guess emotional walls become our own versions of dry boxes. the downside is, a person behind so many walls becomes too careful with everything and risks living a life of loneliness.

    ash says

    yeah. and trust is another whole ballgame itself.

    to risk falling or being lonely. a-men :)