ice breaker

i am frail. sickly. several times hooked to an IV. and the next one's scheduled for a slice right inside my head. the surgeon said it i would need at least 3 hours of inhaling anesthesia for him to open a hole, fix the problem and suture it back. plus a weeks rest and a month of rehab before everything goes back to my definition of normalcy.

my body likes leaving scars behind. i get a lot of it from growing old - pimples running out of my face extending at my back, scratches, cuts and bruises, fire burns, rope burns. i've some stitches to prove how clumsy i was back then.

i have a problem with hair growth. it recedes at the ideal places. yet too much at the usual places. and more at the wrong places.

the fact that my head's too big for my frame. as are my joints. take a look at the tallest basketball players - they suffer this case of acromegaly. but mine was a bit insensitive for the pumped growth hormones.

and the personality. i never was mr congeniality - a classic INTP according to Myers-Briggs typology. i can last the whole day without the need for a conversation. socializing is on a need-to-do-basis. my life is too laid down, too de kahon. people who attempt to, well, they either surrender or end up having epistaxis (a clinical term for a nosebleed).

so why would you still want to know me?

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  1. engel says

    just because...

    do we really need a reason to be friends or get to know people who we think are cool?

    Jay Vee says

    "If I had one gift that I could give you, my friend, it would be the ability to see yourself as others see you, because only then would you know how extremely special you are."
    ~B.A. Billingsly~

    BB! ang alam ko isa ako sa pinaka swerteng tao sa blogsphere kase nakilala kita!!! ;)

    cb :: 林偉文 says

    ouch. head surgery? sounds dangerous.

    i wonder who that question is directed at.. i think everyone's interesting. even the most vapid person can surprise u every now and then.

    Knox Galen says

    We meet people for a reason. I do not question what fate dictates. LOL.

    xtian1978ii says

    oo naman. known nga ako na kahit 'yung pinka ayaw makasama ng mga tao eh nagiging kaibigan ko din.

    Nhil says

    insecure much?

    people would want to know someone not because of how good-looking or fun that person is. there are deeper reasons. and you have to believe in that.